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    A place for developers to save & share code snippets


    Now you can save snippets online at Code Pad making them easily accessible and all in one place. Code Pad is a place for developers to save & share code snippets When saving any snippet you have the option to make it public, part private or private. Liking a snippet will keep ...

    A smart storytelling marketing tactic


    Storytelling is fundamental to every culture. Stories work in marketing because everyone understands what a story is about. When the story is highly relevant to the needs and interests of the audience, it’s a powerful and persuasive way to convey information. Stories have a plot, characters, and a narrative point of view. ...

    Planning advertising for small businesses


    Here are some guidelines on branding, and for planning and managing advertising and promotion activities for small businesses. The principles transfer to very large businesses. In fact many very large organisations forget or ignore these basic rules, as you will see from the featured case-study example. Businessballs is a brand. So ...

    The suggestions to Get High Blog Traffic


    Traffic and Link building strategy isn’t based on tricks or techniques that will go out of style.  It’s mainly about providing genuine value and letting word of mouth do the rest. A lot of marketers are starting blogs to promote their opinions, products, books and services. But a blog is like a ...

    Describe Business with the right color


    Building a website consists of more than just design layout and graphics, Color also is the most important part to be a consideration. To help choose the correct colors, it is a good idea to come up with how you would like to describe your company. How does your website measure up? Background ...